What Does Charlie Like Best About Sunday School Chaoter 2?

What happened in chapter 2 in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

The narrator begins Chapter 2 by relating how her mother got put in charge of running the annual church Christmas pageant. The other women found volunteers for the Ladies’ Aid Bazaar and the Women’s Society Potluck Supper, so Mother got stuck with the Christmas pageant.

Who is Mrs Armstrong and what happened to her?

Armstrong was the mother of Lisa and Brad, and the wife of Marty. She is dead for unknown reasons, which has led to much speculation as to who or what caused her death.

Who is Charlie in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (TV Movie 1983) – David Alexander as Charlie Bradley – IMDb.

Why did mother have to direct the pageant that year?

Meanwhile, Beth and Charlie’s mom, Grace, has been drafted to direct the annual church Christmas pageant because the founding director, Helen Armstrong, has had an accident that puts her in the hospital.

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How long is the best Christmas pageant ever play?

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

  • Cast Size. 6f, 4m, 9girl(s), 8boy(s)
  • Duration. 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Subgenre. Adaptations (Literature), Theatre for Young Audiences, Christmas/Holiday.
  • Target Audience. Appropriate for all audiences.

What did Charlie like best about Sunday School?

What does Charlie like best about Sunday school? He said he liked that there were no Herdmans there.

Who is the oldest Herdman in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

RALPH. 12-13. The oldest Herdman; ragged, scroungy, slouching manner, touch of adolescent cool.

Who is Beth in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (TV Movie 1983) – Fairuza Balk as Beth Bradley – IMDb.

Who steals Charlie’s dessert in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

When the narrator’s little brother, Charlie, gets tired of Leroy Herdman stealing his dessert, he mentions that it does not matter because he gets all the snacks he wants at Sunday School.

Who is the youngest Herdman?

Herdman deserted the family when Gladys, the youngest and meanest of all of them, was only two years old. The kids and their mother live over a garage at the bottom of Sproul Hill, in town. The story is narrated by Beth Bradley, a girl of the same age as the second oldest Herdman, Imogene.

Where Is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever set?

Woodrow Wilson School. The town elementary school is where most of the kids interact with the Herdmans on a daily basis. It is a small school where everyone knows everyone else. All the teachers are familiar with the Herdman family and know how difficult the children are to teach.

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