Quick Answer: Who Did Mrs. Turner’s Brother Deliver A Speech About At The Sunday School Convention?

What did Mrs Turner’s brother do?

He confides to Sop-de-Bottom that it is Mrs. Turner’s fault that he hit Janie because she sent her brother “tuh bait Janie in and take her away from me.” Beating Janie stems from Tea Cake’s need to control her, his jealousy, and the fear of losing his wife.

What happens at Mrs Turner’s in Chapter 17?

Summary: Chapter 17 Mrs. Turner brings her brother to town, and Tea Cake, feeling threatened, beats Janie to show that he still controls her. Turner’s restaurant, where Tea Cake and his crowd are eating. They get rowdy and a fight breaks out.

Why does Tea Cake call himself Apostle Paul to the Gentiles?

“Ah’m de Apostle Paul tuh de Gentiles. This is an allusion to a biblical passage, Romans 11:13, in which Paul, one of the first teachers of the gospel of Jesus, calls himself “the apostle to the Gentiles,” meaning people who were not Jews.

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Why did they run Mrs Turner’s brother off the muck?

After Tea Cake’s funeral, the men of the muck realize how poorly they treated Janie; to appease their feelings of guilt, they beat Mrs. Turner’s brother and run him out of town again.

Why does Mrs Turner want Janie to meet her brother?

Turner expresses her hopes that Janie will leave Tea Cake for her brother. Mrs. Turner believes these two will make a better couple because she disapproves of Tea Cake’s Blackness and she wants her brother to be with the light-skinned Janie.

What does Mrs Turner symbolize?

Mrs. Turner represents the cruelty and delusion that comes from idolizing physical characteristics, and how this devotion turns ordinary people into either gods to worship or fiends to demonize. Beyond that, Mrs. Turner also serves as a reminder that prejudice exists within the Black community, not just outside of it.

What does Mrs Turner want?

Mrs. Turner wants Janie to ditch Tea Cake (whom she thinks is too dark) and marry her brother, a scholar who has perfectly straight hair and freely criticizes Booker T.

What was Mrs Turner’s reaction to the incident?

Turner’s reaction to the incident? She told her husband she wanted to move back to Miami. What caused the Seminoles, and then the animals, to move eastward? A hurricane was coming.

Why does Tea Cake defend Mrs Turner?

Lesson Summary Turner telling Janie that Tea Cake is too black for her and that she should be with Mrs. Turner’s brother, instead. In chapter 17, Tea Cake beats Janie so that he can show Mrs. Turner who is boss, then he stages a fight that destroys her restaurant so that she will leave town.

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What is the foreshadowing that death is also coming for tea cake?

Tea Cake’s Death After Tea Cake and Janie marry, he is grievously wounded in a fight after a game of dice he played to win Janie’s money back. This beating foreshadows Tea Cake’s eventual demise from rabies after rescuing Janie during the hurricane.

How does the town feel about Janie’s relationship with tea cake?

The townspeople were very critical of her choice to see Teacake. From an external point of view, the marriage of Janie and Joe Starks has everything required for success: wealth, respect, a business and stability. So, when she starts to see Teacake, the town sees this as a betrayal.

Why did Janie hate her grandmother?

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie hates her grandmother for raising her to value things over people. The old woman was obsessed with instilling into her granddaughter the importance of material wealth and high social status.

Who do Tea Cake’s friends blame for having wrongly accused Janie?

After the funeral, Janie’s friends on the Muck blame Mrs. Turner’s brother for Tea Cake’s death and force him off the Muck again. After two days, they forget about ever having been angry at Janie; remembering is “too much of a strain.” Janie remains for a few weeks, but the Muck reminds her too much of Tea Cake.

Who is Janie’s true love?

193) Janie finally found real love with her marriage to Tea Cake. Although at the beginning of the book Janie was naïve about love, she learned through her three marriages many lessons about love, including the major lesson, that love actually existed. Janie’s view of love was of the pear tree.

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Why don t the police make many arrests when the workers get drunk in town?

Q. Why don’t the police make many arrest when the workers get drunk in town? They can’t find anyone to arrest.

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