Question: Who Was The Sunday School Teacher In The Watsons Go To Birmingham?

Who is Mrs Davidson in Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Mrs. Davidson is the Watsons’ next-door neighbor and a very religious woman. She takes Joette to church with her three times a week.

What happened in chapter 14 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Kenny runs in the house and Byron explains that a neighbor just came by and said that someone dropped a bomb on Joey’s church. Byron runs out the door. Kenny stands there for a minute in shock, then he follows Byron and everyone else in Birmingham toward the church. When Kenny gets to the church, it’s complete chaos.

Who is Rufus Fry in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Rufus Fry – Kenny’s new best friend and Cody’s big brother. His family moves to Flint from the South. He and his little brother Cody befriend Kenny.

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Why are Mr and Mrs Watson so worried about Kenny?

Why are Mr. and Mrs. Watson so worried about Kenny? They’re worried about Kenny because of what he saw the church and when they got back home he has been missing and gone for long periods of time.

Why was the Watsons Go to Birmingham banned?

The Watsons Go To Birmingham–1963 Challenged in the Stafford County, Va. middle schools (2002) because a parent was offended by some language. The book is a 1996 Newbery Honor winner and the same year was named a Coretta Scott King Honor Book.

What is the main problem in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

After the Watsons drive to Birmingham, they become involved in a larger conflict–the Civil Rights movement. They are in the city during the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, which actually occurred in September of 1963 and in which four African-American girls were tragically killed.

Why does Joey think Kenny is acting so weird?

Why does Joey think Kenny is acting weird? She thinks he is teasing her.

Why did joetta leave the church who saved her?

Joetta explains that she left the church because she was so hot. Then she saw Kenny wave to her so she chased him down the street!

Who threw the bomb in Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Chapter 15, The World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital Summary The Watsons leave for Flint the night of the bombing. The police say two white men in a car threw the bomb into the church, or set it to go off on a timer, and it killed four little girls. The family keeps the bombing a secret from Joey.

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What Kenny gives Rufus?

Rufus gives Cody half of the sandwich Kenny gave him.

What do the Watsons call their car?

The family has nicknamed the car the “Brown Bomber,” and it has several antiquated features, such as a metal bar running down the middle of the windshield (which cars did not have in 1963). Before the family heads south to Alabama, Mr. Watson buys a special record player for the car, which he refers to as a TT AB-700.

Why does Mr alums want Kenny to read for his students?

Alums wants to use Kenny as a way of driving home the message of how important it is to be able to read well. He hopes that by getting Kenny to read to them, his students will understand the importance of being familiar and comfortable with works of literature.

Who figures out where Kenny is hiding?

Finally, Byron figures out where Kenny has been hiding. He says he won’t tell, but Kenny starts to get the feeling that he told Momma and Dad.

Why is Mrs Watson so angry with Byron?

Why is Mrs. Watson so angry with Byron? She wanted to be with him when he changed his hair. She was angry that he had spent money on his hair.

Why did Kenny think Joetta was dead?

Why did Kenny think Joetta was dead? Kenny thought Joey was dead because she was at the church that day and when he went to see what happened the whole building was blocked by rocks and pieces of the building. When Joey came home Kenny thought that Wool Pooh got to her and that is why she is acting so weird.

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