Question: What Prize Does Tom Win In Sunday School?

What does Tom do for Sunday school tickets?

Tom sells his possessions to boys in return for their tickets. How does Tom get his tickets? The children can get a Bible.

What did Tom earn from all the tickets he had collected?

As usual, Tom is the best show-off—by trading for tickets before class, Tom has accumulated enough to earn a Bible. Walters is eager to impress Judge Thatcher, the Bible-awarding ceremony proceeds.

What does Tom do during the sermon?

Tom creates chaos by playing with a bug and a dog in church. He trades for Sunday School tickets instead of memorizing verses. In order to keep him under control, he sits on the aisle “in order that he might be as far away

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How did Tom get enough tickets to win a Bible?

If Tom was not especially bright or hard working, how did he get enough tickets to win a Bible? He traded stuff for the tickets.

Why is Huck homeless?

From the beginning of the novel, Twain makes it clear that Huck is a boy who comes from the lowest levels of white society. His father is a drunk and a ruffian who disappears for months on end. Huck himself is dirty and frequently homeless. Because Huck is a child, the world seems new to him.

How does Tom win a Bible in Sunday school?

In Sunday school class, Tom claims the award of a Bible for “knowing” so many verses. Tom is then introduced to Judge Thatcher, who asks him the name of the first two apostles, and Tom blurts out “David and Goliath!”

Why did Tom throw clods of dirt at SID?

Why did Tom throw clods of earth at Sid? Tom threw clods of earth at Sidto take revenge on Sid for revealing Aunt Polly about playing hooky to gofor swimming. When Tom went for a swim, he had to remove the thread from his shirt collar.

Why did Aunt Polly punish?

Tom was punished by Aunt Polly because he came late at night, playing and fighting with his freinds and with a terrible condition of his clothes. So, Aunt Polly decided to punish tom by giving the work on Saturday which is a holiday in the western countries and the punishment to Tom was to whitewash the fence.

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Why did Tom enjoyed this Sunday’s sermon?

Terms in this set (12) Why had Tom enjoyed this Sunday’s sermon? The dog had been pinched by the pinchbug so the dog raced around the church yapping and disrupting. Why did Tom sometimes wish that there were no weekends? Tom wished that there were no weekends so that Mondays would not be hard.

How did Tom win Becky’s friendship?

Tom finally wins over Becky’s heart for good by, first, not telling on her for sneaking into the teachers desk and looking at the anatomy book and accidentally tearing one of its pages, and, second and most importantly, for taking the blame and getting whipped for it.

How did Tom Sawyer feel about church?

He doesn’t care about being religious, but rather for the status that getting a Bible will give him. When tested by Judge Thatcher, he is extremely embarrassed that he doesn’t know the answer. Religion 3: Tom is obviously not the only person happy that something entertaining happened at church that day.

Why do Tom and Huck first go to the graveyard?

The two boys are discussing the proper to way to get rid of warts. Huck claims that a person can use a dead cat to cure warts. The trick is to take the dead cat to a graveyard, say a special incantation over the grave of a freshly dead evil man, and throw the cat after his spirit.

What does Sid do that Tom is blamed for?

When Sid tries to steal some sugar, only to knock the bowl to the ground, Tom sits, ecstatic, waiting to see Sid get what he deserves. Instead, he gets blamed for the incident and hit again.

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What clues do we have that this is not Tom’s first engagement before Becky finds out?

What clues do we have that this is not Tom’s first engagement before Becky finds out? He knows the engagement process will. Why does Tom give Becky the andiron knob? He wants her to forgive him.

Why does Tom give Becky the brass andiron knob?

Tom tries to give Becky the “brass knob from the top of an andiron.” This is his most valuable possession and he wants to give it to her as a token of his love. However, she is really angry at him because she has just found out that he has been “engaged” to Amy Lawrence and she will not accept it.

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