Often asked: How To Make Easy Puppets For 4-5 Yrs Olds In Sunday School?

How do you make a puppet for kids?

We’ve put together a list of some DIY puppet ideas that you can craft together with your kids.

  1. Making Finger Puppets Using Paper.
  2. Making Hand Puppets From Socks.
  3. Using Rubber Gloves For Finger Puppets.
  4. Creating Puppets With Some Yarn.
  5. Using Animal Pictures As Stick Puppets.
  6. Making Movable Puppets With Strings.

How do you make hand puppets?

Method 3 of 3: Making a Finger Puppet

  1. Draw a template for the puppet’s shape.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Pin the template to a piece of felt.
  4. Cut out the hand puppet shape from the felt.
  5. Accessorize the body of the hand puppet.
  6. Give the hand puppet a face.
  7. Sew the front and back pieces of the hand puppet together.

How much does a custom puppet cost?

A custom puppet will cost you anywhere from $500 to 1500. The materials cost a builder $50 to $200 for foam, fleece and costuming. They require 20-100 hours of labor.

How do you make your own DIY?

Easy DIY Crafts Anyone Can Do

  1. Blue Monogrammed String Art.
  2. Picture Perfect Pom-Poms in Minutes.
  3. Paper Towel Roll Castle.
  4. Newspaper Seed-Starter Pots.
  5. Cardboard Tube Seed-Starting.
  6. Monogram Faux Floral Wreath.
  7. DIY Upcycled Wine Cork Board.
  8. Use Nail Polish to Create Marbled Votives.
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How do teachers use puppets?

Have puppets act out scenarios and then let students discuss and decide how they would respond. Create scenarios with your puppets to teach classroom rules and procedures. Use puppets to facilitate conflict/resolution between students.

What materials do you need to make finger puppets?

Supplies needed:

  1. Felt sheet.
  2. Sharpie or markers.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Small googly eyes.
  5. Embroidery thread.
  6. Regular glue or fabric glue.
  7. Sewing needle.
  8. Glue Gun.

How do you make easy paper puppets?


  1. Fold a piece of construction paper into 3rds lengthwise.
  2. Glue the top flap down to hold the folds in place.
  3. Rotate the rectangle so it’s vertical.
  4. Fold the rectangle in half, bringing the 2 short edges together.
  5. Fold each flap down so the edges line up with the center fold.
  6. Glue the 2 outside folds down.

How do you make a finger puppet fox?

How to Fold Fox Finger Puppets:

  1. Place your paper so that the white side is up.
  2. Fold your right side over to meet your left side.
  3. Unfold.
  4. Now fold the bottom corner up.
  5. Now fold the top corner down so it meets the bottom side.
  6. Flip your origami over so it is oriented like this.

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