FAQ: How Many People In Sunday School At First Baptist Church Hamond In?

What happened to Jack Hyles?

Jack Hyles wouldn’t live to see Mulligan’s conviction. In 2001, he died of complications from heart surgery at age 74. There was no question who would succeed him: Hyles had been grooming his son-in-law Jack Schaap ever since his own son’s prospects had plummeted.

Where is Jack Schaap now?

Schaap is imprisoned in Ashland, Kentucky, where he and more than 300 others contracted COVID-19 this fall, according to his letter, making him no longer afraid he would pass it onto his parents.

Do Baptists drink alcohol?

CLASS. Baptists have long believed that drinking alcohol is not only unhealthy and morally lax, but is in direct opposition to what God wants. Strict interpretation of the Bible is a cornerstone of Baptist belief, and they believe Scripture specifically tells them that drinking alcohol is wrong.

Did Jack Hyles go to jail?

Sources say that when Hyles learned of his son’s affairs with multiple women, he actually recommended him for pastor of his former church in Texas. By so doing, he was able to stay out of the public eye. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and registered as a sex offender, after which Cindy divorced Jack.

Is Jack Hyles still alive?

Jack Schaap, former pastor at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, was sentenced in 2013 to 12 years in prison for his sexual relationship with a 17-year-old parish girl.

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Who is John Wilkerson?

John Wilkerson (Ph. D., University of Rochester, 1991) is professor and director of the Center for American Politics. His research centers on legislative organization and decision-making, with related interests in health politics and comparative legislative studies.

What happened at Hyles Anderson College?

Ryder recently filed a lawsuit against the estate of Jack Hyles, his son David Hyles, Hyles-Anderson College and First Baptist Church of Hammond alleging that David Hyles raped, sexually assaulted and sexually abused her and that church leadership covered it up in the late 1970s.

Who is Dr Clarence Sexton?

Clarence Sexton founded The Crown College in 1991. The faculty and students of The Crown College agree to uphold the Crown Code, Crown’s philosophy of education, and their statement of faith, all of which are based on the Bible.

Who is Cameron Giovanelli?

Cameron Giovanelli pastored Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, MD from 2004 to 2014. After leaving Calvary Baptist Church, he became president of Golden State Baptist College in California under the leadership of Pastor Jack Trieber.

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