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Everyone is welcome at any of our gatherings! We are a community of believers that comes together not because we have life all figured out but because we are broken, sinful people who need to be reminded of Jesus’ love for us. We experience His love through community with each other and through aligning our lives with the Gospel. So, come as you are, make yourself at home, and join us on our journey as we learn to follow Jesus together.

Sunday Mornings

What happens?

Sunday mornings offer a variety of Sunday School classes for all ages that begin at 9:00 A.M. with coffee available in our Fellowship Hall at 8:45 A.M. (Click here to learn more about Sunday School.) After Sunday School has concluded, our worship gathering begins at 10:30 A.M. in our church sanctuary. During morning worship, we gather to worship God and to encourage one another through remembering and realigning with the Gospel. We do this primarily through Scripture readings, prayers, songs, and message from the Bible. (Click here to hear past sermons.)

What is the music like?

Our worship music blends both traditional hymns from the past and contemporary songs you might hear on Christian radio today. Our focus is not on a particular style or era of music, but instead, we choose to focus on singing songs that give voice to the truths of Scripture. With this focus in mind, we choose songs based on whether or not they help us worship God and encourage each other through the Gospel and not on whether or not the songs have a certain rhythm or top today’s music charts.

What Should I Wear?

We want everyone to feel free to come just as you are. That means you do not have to be dressed in a certain way to join us on Sunday mornings. People at Oak Ridge FBC dress in all different styles. If you join us for Sunday morning, you will see people in everything from jeans with sneakers or boots to dresses, dress pants and everything in between.

What do you have for kids?

We believe Jesus has a special love for children and calls His church to welcome, guide and teach them through the Gospel. For families with children, we are committed to creating a safe, fun environment where all kids are encouraged to learn about Jesus and to begin to love Him.

On Sunday mornings, we have Sunday School for all ages as well as a children’s worship service for birth through 2nd grade offered during our worship gathering. Because we want our kids to be an important part of our whole community, our children’s worship begins after our morning music and before the weekly message. Our Children’s Team provides a fun but age-appropriate Bible lesson complemented by relevant songs, activities and crafts that engage our younger kids with the Gospel while our older kids and adults focus on the morning message.

Sunday Nights


Our Sunday evening gathering, 6:00-7:00 P.M., called Engage is not simply another Sunday morning worship service. Instead, our Sunday evening focus is on deepening and further engaging the message from Sunday morning with a greater investment of our heads, our hearts and our hands. After singing a few songs, we engage the message taught in the morning gathering by carefully waking through the details of the Biblical text as well as complementary texts that enhance our understanding. Next, we engage in Q&A to explore insights or concerns we may have considered Sunday morning. Finally, we engage ourselves by having a transparent discussion about how to best apply the message in the week ahead at home as well as at work and in our community.

Wednesday Nights

Prayer & Bible Study

On Wednesday evenings, we gather in our Fellowship Hall at 6:30 P.M. for an hour of focused prayer and systematic study of the Bible. In prayer, we devote ourselves to a holistic ministry of prayer that includes praise, thanksgiving, confession, community and personal needs and global and local missions. Following our prayer time, we devote the rest of our evening to an in-depth study of a particular book of the Bible or a particular aspect of what we believe as God’s people.

Students & Kids

On Wednesday nights at 6:30, our students gather for worship, games, and Bible study, and the kids have a fun-filled night of learning about Jesus and His love for them. Follow these links to find out more about our youth and kids‘ ministries.