Why Sunday School?

God has created us to live life in community as seen in the Bible.

  • God has eternally existed in community through the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • God has created us to live in community with Him and with one another.
  • God has redeemed us to return to community as sisters and brothers united in our shared profession of belief in Christ.

At Oak Ridge FBC, we seek to live our lives in community not only through weekly worship gatherings but also through Sunday School for all ages. Through Sunday School, we come together weekly in a systematic study of the Bible as we grow in our understanding of the Word of God and in our relationship with God and each other.

We invite you to join us as we point each other to God, care for one another and serve the world around us through the Gospel.

Our Sunday School Groups.

Truth Seekers is an adult group of men and women of all ages pursuing community grounded upon the study of God’s Word. We meet for prayer, encouragement, and study of a particular book of the Bible so we can grow in our faith together.

Open Doors is comprised of adult women and men, single and married and of all ages, who have a genuine desire to know more about the Word of God and how its truth is relevant to today’s adult believer. We use a curriculum to study through particular books of the Bible in order to give us insight into the history and culture of the original audience as well as the timeless truths that are relevant today. Through open dialogue, personal observation and courageous questions, we share our knowledge and encouragement in our quest to know more about God, care for one another, and share the good news of the Gospel.

Our Fidelity class is a group of women–some widowed, some married, some single–who study the Bible together and share our love and concern for others through prayer, caring, and ministry. And no stairs to climb!

Our young adult small group meets to share life centered on  God’s word. Everyone is welcome.